search for an article about an innovation and create report about the innovation related to class content.

Developing an outline for Societal Change Paper

An additional step of the writing process that is useful is to develop an outline. For this assignment, you will create an outline for your proposed paper. The outline will aid in the organization of your paper and help ensure you meet the expectations of the assignment. The more detailed and well-thought-out your outline the greater your chance of success. Make sure to review the assignment grading rubric before completing your outline. Depending upon how organized your outline is, you should be able to write your paper directly from the information in your outline.


Start researching information to help support your topic as well as lay a foundation for your introduction

After you have decided the direction, you want to take for the paper, it will now be time to begin researching the topic and developing your outline for the paper

Some things to keep in mind when researching:

Make sure you use a wide variety of sources (Internet, books, textbooks, journals, etc.)

Do not use unreviewed websites or blogs as a source of information

ALWAYS cite the original source of the theory in the paper example this paper must have Kotter cited

Make sure to allow yourself enough time to research. This will be the most intensive part of the paper, allow at least two hours per section of the paper. Keep records and copies of all the information you obtain. Get all of the bibliographical information for citations while you are researching so you do not have to go back. (Endnotes work great)

Make sure you also make note of where you found the information in case you have to retrieve it later (DOI address).

Such information includes:

Title of the article or book

Date it was published or copywritten

Author(s) and publishing company

Pages used

Try to put information into your own words. It is helpful to paraphrase the information in your own words while you are taking notes to avoid plagiarism later. If you do take quotes directly from the source, make sure you make a note of that. You mustn’t overuse direct quotes for this paper (DO NOT EXCEED 5 DIRECT QUOTES). Look specifically for details that support your thesis or stance. Sometimes background information is also necessary

Six Simple Steps for Writing a Research Paper

Understand the assignment and set a schedule
Review the assignment sheet
Review the rubric
Review examples of old papers if provided
Review any attached videos related to the assignment
Review the assigned readings on canvas and the textbook
Select the topic
Brainstorm using the strategies provided
Explore how your selected topic connects to the assignment
Answer the following questions
Is this topic appropriate?
Have I narrowed the focus of the paper enough so as not to be too wordy and distract the reader?
Is my tone formal and not conversational and storytelling?
Choose a topic that not only interests you but will also be interesting to the reader
Begin research for the assignment, this assignment will REQUIRE REFERENCES
Construct an outline
Write a draft
Write a final draft

Assignment Directions

Review all videos associated with the writing outline module.

Outlines are helpful during the writing process after you have collected your research and to help organize your thoughts based on the assignment. To construct an outline, you must group your notes and match information that fits together. The APA format should be used when including proposed resources for your paper as well as an articulated thesis statement.

Your paper should not have more than five direct quotes. The outline should be at least 150 words and not exceed 300 words. The outline should contain complete sentences for supporting details and a thesis statement. Must include the main headings and idea of the paragraph. The conclusion must include at least three sentences. Include reference pages as well as in-text citations as needed. The outline must follow the format listed below.