Social media marketing, web advertisements, web layout, phone ap design.

I have attached sample In preparation for the development of your portfolio. This week we will write a plan, a proposal for five potential pieces. In past courses you have been given the client, and the topic.

For this class, it’s necessary for you to research potential employment opportunities.

You will study those employment opportunities, and synthesize the skills necessary to achieve the work. You will then find 5 current businesses which have a strong online, or physical presence. You will be writing a client brief for these businesses, determining their audience, and generating portfolio pieces for each.

Consider brochures, newsletters, layouts, package design, book design, etc. Consider all of the options.

Social media marketing, web advertisements, web layout, phone ap design. The layouts you choose to make should be elaborate, detailed, and refined. Consider instructional media, informative, and even educational media. Medical illustration, technical illustration, mechanical illustration. By designing for an existing client, you have access to their logo, fonts, and colors

. But, you need to define the audience for the specific item you are selling. Consider a fast food restaurant chain. You could argue that they are attempting to sell to everyone. And, their target audience is “Anyone who wants fast food”. If you find yourself saying “Anyone who…” Start over. That is not targeting the audience, only generalizing it. When McDonald’s creates advertising, they strategically design pieces to fit niche audiences. Kids meal, super size, dollar menu, family size… all different techniques of marketing. Here are some more options. • Food/distribution and Packaging: all of the packaging design you see in the grocery store. All of the ads generated to market these products. • Health and wellness: All of the packaging and advertising generated for cosmetics, soaps, lotions, shampoos, perfumes, bandages, vitamins, nutrition supplements, oral hygiene.

• Automotive: advertisements, product packaging. This is more than cars, think about car parts, windshield wipers, tires, accessories. Auto parts store or car dealer. • Sporting goods: Athletic gear, outdoor gear, workout equipment, clothes, shoes, bikes, kayaks. Package design, seasonal advertising, marketing pieces, promotional ads. Print and web ads. Generate a series of pieces. •

Jewelry/watches/accessories: advertisements, web ads, marketing media, packaging design.

• Clothing and footwear: tags, packaging, advertisements, commercials, web ads. • Fitness equipment, gyms, training facilities: Posters, infographics, brochures, pricing pages, promotional media, web banners. • Outdoors: Camping, backpacking, clothing, accessories. Informative media, educational media, maps, directions, etc. • Tourism and travel: local, regional, national. Flyers, brochures, websites. • Parks and recreation: Events, fundraisers, promotional, maps, camping rules and regulations sheets, park rules. • Calendars, organizers: single page calendar, 12 page calendar, binders. • Service industries: Salons, dentists, restaurants, medical, chiropractor, dog walking, grooming, supplies: Menus, takeout cards, gift cards, price pages. •

Textbook illustration, layout, design, book cover. When you choose projects, think about complete works. Ask yourself if it’s worthy of a portfolio. You began to study graphic design portfolios.

You are learning the importance of perfection in every piece. Detail in every piece.

The Assignment: Find 5 companies which are diverse in concept, theme, audience, and product/service. Your portfolio must demonstrate diverse works. You do not want all similar styles and concepts.

You want to show how you are able to design for a wide range of products and themes while creating elaborate pieces which demonstrate typography, page layout, image manipulation, and vector illustration.

You want to design commercial pieces which would be used by actual companies to market goods. On a letter size page, with one inch margins. List the 5 companies you have determined to be the best fit for your portfolio.

For each company you will place their logo/brand image.

Write their mission or purpose, summarize what it is they do.

Write a short proposal for what you will be designing for them. Include their URL, samples of existing products. Click the assignment to see attached SampleProposal.pdf. (The sample contains an exampluvle of one of the 5 proposed pieces)