SOLVED : – Describe the resources you will require to achieve your project goals./2022


Identify all critical elements and technologies necessary to achieve the stated goals of your project.


Describe the resources you will require to achieve your project goals.


Architect, at a high level, your proposed solution and draw a network diagram in a software application of your choice. Be sure to label all components and connectors.


List and describe clinical applications that will run on your proposed infrastructure.


Identify benefits and risks to business operations and patient care environment, resulting from your proposed solution.


Briefly describe to senior management why your solution is a good fit and how you will address the risks identified above. Be sure to identify how customers (patients and/or associates) will benefit from your architecture.

Outline your operational strategy for planning and rolling out your product.


Outline your future vision for this product and how it fits into the mission and vision of your organization.


Create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines all major points made in your paper. Senior information technology and clinical leaders council in charge of technology decisions and budget allocation are your audience target; the presentation time target is 10-15 minutes.