SOLVED : – Machismo- hispanic gender norm/2022


Hispanic Gender Roles: Machismo

1.    Explain how this norm works as a ‘worldview’. That is, what are the values, practices, linguistic and conceptual components, and perspectives of the cultural norm?

2.    What are the ways in which this cultural norm is communicated to its members? Here, focus on verbal, non-verbal, written, and any other form of communication. Be exact about the diverse ways in which the norm is communicated.  

3.    In what way does an outsider of this norm fail to understand the worldview? Discuss both the general and the specific: A) Discuss the failures of translation between a general outsider of the norm and the norm that you have chosen; B) Discuss the ways in which a specific “other” norm (here you can use any norm at all) would fail to understand the norm that you have chosen.

4.    Give a solution to the problem that you have posed in 3. That is, how can we solve the failure in understanding/translation between norms? Can that failure of understanding be alleviated in any way?