SOLVED : – science fiction short story/2022


Conduct a literary/rhetorical analysis of a short story.  The principles used here are the same as any analysis of literature, except that the stories are, as the name implies, shorter.  Determine a major theme, atmosphere, or rhetorical idea and explore (by looking at at least 3 techniques, such as an appeal to nostalgia) the ways in which the author effects that goal.  You must support your ideas with evidence from the text.

Be at least six paragraphs/sections (intro, synopsis, 3 main points, and a conclusion)

● Format your paper in MLA (including Works Cited, header, and in-text citation)

● Write in academic third person

● Construct an academic title

● Include documented in-text citations from the primary

source and at least one secondary source

● Constrain your length to 4-5 pages (1000 word minimum)

● Contain a Works Cited Page in MLA format

● You may use more than one story. But you still have to have a Literary Secondary Source.