SOLVED : – What are some of the problems associated with such organisms?/2022


For this assignment, you will view web sites of those who support the use of GMO’s as well as those who do not. Become versed in the arguments of each side. Be careful to weight these opinions based on actual science versus wild speculation. Remember not everything you read on the internet is correct…..


Begin by giving your understanding of what a GMO is. 

Then discuss the value to society of GMO’s. Make an argument either supporting or not supporting the continued

 development of such organisms. Are GMO’s safe or not? 

What are some of the problems associated with such organisms?

 Describe the makeup of the groups that support or protest against the use of GMO’s.


This may be your opinion but it must be supported by some factual information you can quote. Include one

 reference. It may be easiest to choose an example and then give your arguments based on a credible source that you have found.

 Do a critical analysis of the issue, don’t just automatically go with a gut instinct. (It’s possible to legitimately take either side here, your justification will make the difference)