SOLVED : – What are the internal and external stability factors for the Jordanian state?/2022


Will include desk research on the theoretical frameworks and experts interviews below are the questions:

 What are the internal and external stability factors for the Jordanian state?


 How do you assess the current status of the peace agreements with Israel, Oslo and Wadi Araba, in terms of achieving the goals for the Jordan?  


 How do you evaluate the UN resolutions related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the two-state solution: Resolutions 181, 194, 242, the 1974 UN General Assembly resolution on the “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine”, and the Geneva Initiative in 2003. How does Jordan utilize these multilateral resolutions?


 How do you assess the role of Jordan as a major player and a historical mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict in the recent period?

a.  The peace agreements between Israel, GCC states and Morocco?  

b. How does Jordan view the players inside the Palestinian territories (Fatah and Hamas) after the recent Gaza war, and Israel after the change of Netanyahu’s government?


 How do you evaluate the alternatives to the two-state solution (the bi-national state, a confederation with Jordan, the recent annexation plan) for the Jordanian state and the reasons for not accepting any of them? What does an acceptable alternative solution look like for Jordan from your point of view?


 How does Jordan manage its foreign relations with the United States of America, between administrations and legislative institutions, despite the rejection of recent proposals to resolve the conflict, and at the same time, the continuation of financial aid and security support for Jordan?