SOLVED : – Which of these cultural identifiers do you see in the people with whom you work or play?/2022




In a 2-page submission, not counting the cover and references pages, respond to the following questions on the Cultural Identifier Worksheet regarding your knowledge of your own and your employer’s corporate culture and cultural diversity.

This assignment is about you, so feel free to write in the first person, using the words I, me, my, etc.

FYI – I’m in the military, but feel free to use your own experiences.  Nobody will know the difference anyway.

Cultural Identifier Worksheet:

Name three cultural identifiers that you identify with most. 

Describe in detail how you identify with these three.

Which of these cultural identifiers do you see in the people with whom you work or play?

Do you consider your place of work as diverse? In what ways?

From the short list you made in #1, select the one that you identify with the most.

What is it that you like the most about this cultural identifier?

From the list above, select the one identifier that you identify with the least. Explain why it does not fit you.

Do you see the cultural identifier in #6 in those with whom you work or play?

List some stereotypes about your culture that do not apply to you.


The following is a short list of some of the ways people respond to others’ cultural and diversity identifiers either through their thoughts, words, or deeds.

Prejudice–an attitude about another person or group of people based on stereotypes

Discrimination–an action or behavior based on prejudice

Racism–prejudice or discrimination based on race/ethnicity

Sexism–prejudice or discrimination based on gender

In discussions of these terms, an issue that sometimes arises is that prejudice and discrimination can be positive. It is important to note that when these issues are discussed in the context of cultural diversity, they are generally considered negative and very easy to identify. In what instance would prejudice or discrimination be a positive? Why is it so hard to identify the positive ones?

You are required to have at least one high-quality peer-reviewed academic reference to support a discussion of a topic in this assignment.