SOLVED : – Write 4 page note on how you would select, foster collaboration among, and educate a team dedicated to solving a diversity issue./2022


Assessment 3 Instructions: Diversity Project Kickoff  



Write 4 page note on how you would select, foster collaboration among, and educate a team dedicated to solving a diversity issue.



Assessments 2 and 3 are based on the same scenario, so you must complete them in the order in which they are presented.

Finding, organizing, and motivating teams is a key leadership skill as is the ability to communicate and present information.


Imagine that your boss Lynnette follows up with you in an email shortly after reading your views on leadership and collaboration:


Thanks for sending me your thoughts last week on the diversity issue at the clinic. Your next step is to select a team of professionals who can help you in this project and prepare an introduction of the project for a first meeting with them.

I want you to prepare a presentation to serve as a brief but substantive introduction for the first meeting with a group of 4–5 members who will participate on the committee tasked with addressing the diversity issue. Once I review more information about the proposed team I can help you with the recruitment.

Do the following:


1.1 Briefly outline the project goals and highlight 2–3 of the initial priorities to be addressed by the group. Also, explain why they are important.


2.Explain the composition of the team and why you chose them. Note that you will not know the exact individuals yet, but assume we will recruit the people with the desired qualities and characteristics you outline in the presentation. Consider the following:  

o Include a group of professionals you believe can help define the problem and ultimately make recommendations on how to address it.

o Make sure each member is either trained in, sensitive to, or has experience with the concept of workplace diversity.

o Give some thought to having some members from outside the organization.

o Provide member profiles: their diversity, qualifications, experience, internal versus external, and so forth.

3Explain your role and describe how the committee will work together and achieve effective interprofessional collaboration.  

o Describe how ideas will be shared and decisions made.

o Describe roles, group function, and structure.


1.Describe the basic characteristics of a diverse workplace.

2.Provide a convincing argument regarding the benefits of a diverse workforce using support from current research.