summary and response to Arora’s “what do we deserve?”

"For your summary + response assignment, you will summarize and respond to Arora’s essay. Summarizing a text helps you understand and engage with it–and internalize and remember what you read.

Summarizing is also essential for weaving the viewpoints of others into your own writing–to provide evidence for your response.

Responding demonstrates that you have engaged with the text, that you can identify the argument, that you agree or disagree (or both!), that you can identify strengths and weaknesses, among other elements.

Please adhere to the following structure: Give a brief overview of the essay—identify the author and title; what it is about; what you think the thesis is.Provide a fair, accurate, objective, and concise summary. Include the main claims and primary supporting points.

Exclude information that is not essential! Incorporate paraphrase.Respond to Arora’s argument. Identify it; take a position; support your position

with evidence from the essay.Include a correctly cited quote; remember to integrate quotes into sentences of your own construction.Be sure that the summary is clearly identifiable as separate from the response. Summarize first; then respond. "