The hypotheses and/or goals, and the rationale for the study.

You are requested to provide a ≈300 words critical review of a manuscript by Wang et al. entitled,

“Prevalence and extent of right-to-left shunt on contrast-enhanced transcranial Doppler in Chinese patients with migraine in a multicentre case-control study”. A review paper by Lip & Lip is provided to help with your understanding of the topic. (THIS IS FOR UNDERSTANDING THE PAPER ONLY( 1.You should summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the paper.

2.You should pay attention to and answer these questions in your summery : –

The hypotheses and/or goals, and the rationale for the study.

The scientific premise (it can be theoretical, empirical, or both) on which the paper rests.

To evaluate whether this paper addresses an important problem or a critical barrier to advance the field. -Check the methods and statistics to determine if the study is designed and data analyzed appropriately. –

Why were the specific methods important or necessary for this study?

(e.g., double-blind, randomized, whatever the model is). -Are the inclusion/exclusion criteria appropriate?

Is the protection of human subjects from research risks properly executed?

Pay attention to new techniques applied to the paper. -Are results clearly presented?

Are results properly challenged? Think about alternative approaches.

Determine whether results are interpreted properly.

-Determine whether the discussion is supported by the results and whether the conclusions are supported by the results.

-What would be the applications of the findings?

Will the findings lead to changes in the concepts, methods, technologies, treatments, services, or preventative interventioluvns that drive the field?