The most discussed Hot Topic in healthcare at this time is Covid-19

The most discussed Hot Topic in healthcare at this time is Covid-19. Please discuss one specific aspect of Covid-19. I have provided some

examples in the paragraphs below but you are not required to pick one of these topics if you prefer a different Covid issue. If you have had personal experience with forming or working with a specific policy regarding Covid-19, please elaborate. Staffing on Covid units, telehealth, hospital reimbursements for Covid patients, long term care for complications from Covid (who pays), mask mandates, your local or facility

policies and how they are evolving. The firing of healthcare workers for refusal of the vaccine, but allowing Covid positive healthcare workers to work with minimal or asymptomatic during a shortage. Mandating vaccination for workers but not for the unemployed or immigrants. How can we improve vaccination rates for the underserved and marginalized communities? The effects of politics on Covid-19: The omicron variant,

economic impact, outdoor gatherings, travel (state to state, country to country), should a vaccination record be shown to travel or go into a store/restaurant, etc. There are many avenues that can be discussed regarding Covid-19. These issues can be on a local, regional, state, national, or international level. Please follow the guidelines for Current Hot Topics in Health Policy & Politics Assignment. The rubric is also included in the guidelines