The Rise of New Technologies in Marketing: A Framework and Outlook

Article Your paper should  (1) summarize the article, (2) discuss your own reflections, and (3) describe how it relates to TWO topics covered in your BUAD class this semester. It must also clearly state the articles author(s), title, journal name, and publication year. Topics from buad classConsumer (CB) & Org. Buying Behavior (BB)                                            Marketing Research (MR)                                            Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning & Differentiation (STPD)                                            Product, Branding, and New Product Management (NPM)                                            Promotions & Digital Marketing                                            Place (Distribution Channels)                                            Pricing                                                                                                                                  Marketing Metrics It should be 2-3 full double-spaced pages in 12 point, Times New Roman font with 1 margins. Only PDF format will be accepted (not Word, Google Docs, etc.). IMPORTANT: Papers will not be accepted if they are late or if they don’t meet all requirements.  In addition, any cases of plagiarism (e.g., similar papers submitted by different students from this or a past semester