The VP of HR reviewed the executive summary and decided that your recommendation was a strong course of action for the change process. In her discussions with Leroy, she mentioned that it would be good to have you participate in a focus group to discuss your experiences with the

change process. She was interested in discovering some best practices for change and felt that your experiences would be very valuable to Red

Carpets approach to change. To guide the discussion, she recommended addressing a few points that should be covered in the focus group. Leroy will gather the results of the focus group and share it with the VP of HR. Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course and with your classmates;

discuss the following questions that will provide insight into your own change experiences: in 400-600 words and citing your references in APA format Describe a successful change from your own experiences and why it worked well. Describe an unsuccessful change from your own

experiences and why it did not achieve its intended objectives. From your own experiences, what do you think Red Carpet should do to make the change successful?