This Is The End (Argumentative Researched Essay)

This Is The End (Argumentative Researched Essay) Minimum length: 5.5 pages, double-spaced, plus Works Cited page use proper Modern

Language Association (MLA) formatting – this means one-inch margins on all sides and twelve point Times New Roman font failure to reach the minimum length will result in a grade no higher than 70 your Works Cited should include any sources/texts mentioned in your paper, and it should

NOT include any that you don’t: you may, theoretically, have an infinite number of sources, but you must have at least five: at least one scholarly

source and at least four others from diverse forms of media no submission without a Works Cited will pass, and no submission with a botched Works Cited will receive a grade higher than the highest possible C- For this assignment you will prepare an argumentative researched essay on a

topic (that you propose and I approve) related to any of the previous course material “subject matter” (that I assigned or offered, or that you found on your related research), with the pandemic as an optional/bonus new locus of inquiry.