Topic #2 – Running Away from the Competition

Topic #2 – Running Away from the Competition
The main ethical issues here are:
1) Should intersexed individuals (or those with elevated testosterone levels) be allowed to compete with
female athletes on the international stage (and elsewhere)?
2) Would banning these individuals from competition be a violation of their rights? Would allowing them to
compete be a violation of the rights of the other athletes?
What should be in your paper:
1) A discussion of the background history and present situation.
2) A discussion of the main ethical issues noted above, utilizing concepts of global ethics (for example,
“rights,” “utilitarianism,” etc.).
3) Some statement of your feelings on the matter, supported by facts and concepts of global ethics.
Some sources to get you started (I expect you to include sources other than these!):
1) Search “intersex athletes” using the fUSIon library catalog: You will find LOTS of
useful information there. You can also look up the specific athletes mentioned in the case study, Dutee Chand and
Caster Semenya, for more information on their specific cases. There are other athletes out there who have been impacted
by these discussions.
2) Here is the most recent IAAF ruling on testosterone eligibility regulations for “female classification” in
athletic competitions.