topic: “Electronic games,

topic: “Electronic games, because they are active rather than passive, can do more than desensitize impressionable children to violence. They actually encourage violence as the resolution of first resort by rewarding participants for killing one’s opponents in the most grisly ways

imaginable.” (Robert Chase, Representative of the National Education Association during the 1993 United States Hearings on Video Games). Do you agree that video games should reduce their violent content? Or do you disagree? Each group member is to write their own essay about

the subject (1500 words; +/-‐ 100 words). Each group member is to choose a different position in the debate (one writes the essay in favor of the proposition and one against). In your essay, identify three arguments in favor or against. Discuss your arguments. Conclude the essay by

offering a succinct summary of the position and one possible counter-argument to the argued position. Please include a bibliography of articles or other media that you reference in your response (use Harvard Referencing Style). The essay should contain at least 2 citations to books,

articles or relevant video clips (you can use the required readings). Illustrate your response with reference to concrete examples. Be sure to make a distinction between facts and opinions. Always cite references whenever you cite facts (e.g. ‘under 30s in the US prefer to use

Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok over Facebook (Auxier and Anderson, 2021)). This essay is for 2 people and it has to different opinions and I want to write about the side that video games should reduce the voilent content, so I should agree