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Prisoner’s Dilemma Assignment Questions
In this paper we want to see that you are able to identify, describe and apply the
key concepts and theories from the first weekend of the course to your
experience in this simulation.  In your paper, please include specific examples to
bring to life how the concepts/theories were enacted in this activity.
Your paper should demonstrate your familiarity with the assigned readings for
the course relevant to this activity.  Your paper should be thorough but not
redundant.  Areas for discussion may include (but are not limited to):
1. How did you interpret “maximize returns?”  Why?
2. How were group norms decided and set within your team?
3. How did trust or the lack of it within your own team influence your
participation in the conversation? How did trust impact the perception of
the other team?
4. How were initial group decisions made? Subsequent decisions?
5. What emotions were stimulated in you? What did you do to manage the
6. How did you feel about your team? What were the dynamics?

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