Topic: Natural healing :

D​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‍‌‍‌‍‌‍‍‍​o a lab report based on the presentation(which was based on Berman study attached) in the format of the report writing checklist below: Report writing checklist 1). Title a) What words represent the IV, and the DV in the title 2) Abstract An abstract is a brief summary of each section of the report. What phrase(s) contribute to the following (a-d) in the abstract a) Introduction I. Background Information II. Previous theory III. Rationale

IV. Hypotheses b) Method I. Design II. Participants III. Stimuli IV. Procedure c) Results I. Descriptive II. Inferential d) Discussion I. Summary of results II. Relation to hypotheses/previous theory III. Limitation/Alternative explanation IV. Conclusion e) What (if anything) is missing, or can be improved in your abstract? 3) Introduction a) Scene setting: what is the general area of interest? b) What does the relevant theory(s) suggest? c) What evidence is there to support these theory(s)? a. Note that only the MOST relevant information about each study should be reported. In

general, what is that? To answer this it might be easier to write down the specific information from each study in the report, and use that to work out what ‘in general’ what should be included – think of this as some ‘general conclusions that can be drawn based on the evidence’ b. How much quoting is there? Do you think it is necessary, or can it be paraphrased? d) What is/are the open question(s), and the rationale (these two are related)? e) How is the study going to address the open question(s)? f) What are the experimental predictions/hypotheses (note there are NO null hypotheses. Do not include them in your report) g) What (if anything) can be included/improved in your introduction? 4) Method a) Design a. What are the IV(s) and the levels? b. What is the DV? c. What is the design d. What other important details are included? b) Participants a. Apart from gender and age, what other information is included here and is it clear why is it important. c) Materials/Stimuli a. What materials/stimuli did they use? b. What other information is necessary to replicate the experiment? d) Procedure a. Write a list of events experienced by the participant (in bot​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‍‌‍‌‍‌‍‍‍​h groups). Remember timing. b. How long (approximately) does each participant take to do the experiment. e) What (if anything) can be improved in your method section? Could someone replicate this experiment exactly using the provided information (this is the goal)? 5) Results a) What did the mean scores indicate? b) What language is used to refer to the graphs/tables? c) What justification

do the authors give for using the non-parametric test? Is it sufficient? d) Was the difference between the means/relationship between variables statistically significant? e) Did the author of the report discuss the significance of the results in this section? f) What (if anything) can be improved

in your results section? 6) Discussion a) Is all the appropriate/relevant information included when the findings were summarised? b) Did the findings support the hypotheses? c) What does it mean for the theories under question? d) What limitations where discussed? e) What possible solutions to the above limitations are mentioned? f) Are any alternative explanations offered? g) What future research is mentioned? h) What

were the general conclusions of the author? i) What (if anything) can be included/improved in your discussion? 7) References a) Were all sources (journal articles, books…) cited in the text listed in the references, and were the references cited in the text? b) Is the reference

information in the appropriate order for a i) journal article reference, and a ii) book reference? Is the formatting correct? 8) Appendix a) What information is included in the appendix? Can this information be referenced/described elsewhere?