Topic: Social Work

The two learning journals should reflect your critical analysis of class discussions, assigned readings, visual presentations, group presentations, and guest speakers. How does your critical analysis of your learning enhance your future practice with Aboriginal Peoples? Each learning journal should be a minimum of 800 words, typed, and double-
Spaced, referencing should be APA format. Cover pages with student number (no names) and learning journal title and number must preface your two written works.
    Identify major learning in reading, media, or guest speaker.
    How does this relate at a personal level and how does it impact you as a social worker? Is there congruency?
    How did this impact you: mentally, emotionally, physically?
    Where there any challenges with any of the learning- you didn’t agree with a personal view or belief
    When we feel emotional it’s an indication there is some learning and be open to looking at yourself from a research perspective. –
    Identify the learning and how this awareness will aid you when working with Aboriginal Peoples.