Translating a message from its symbol form into meaning can be described by which of these? Encoding

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1 Translating a message from its symbol form into meaning can be described by which of these?
Frame of reference
2 What phenomenon describes when people miss each other with their meanings, attaching different meanings to words?
Frame of reference
3 Verbal and nonverbal responses from a receiver that help the sender know the message was received and understood are known as what?
Frame of reference
Channel noise
** video 2***
You`ll spend a considerable amount of time editing for clarity, proofreading, and evaluating the effectiveness of your message during the ———— phase of the 3-x-3 writing process.
What are the phases of the 3-x-3 writing process? Check all that apply.
What percent of your time should you expect to spend during the revising phase of the 3-x-3 writing process?
25 percent
50 percent
40 percent
10 percent
**Video 3 **
When composing a business message, you should first ——————
As you tailor your words to your audience, every message you write should begin with this notion.
What`s in it for me?
Why am I sending this message?
Should the tone be formal or informal?
What do I hope to achieve?
Does the background need to be explained?
When tailoring your message appropriately to the audience profile, which of these should you consider? Check all that apply.
Promoting goodwill
Primary purpose
Secondary receivers
Technical terms
***Video 4 ***
Business messages are most effective when they convey .
Positive language improves the clarity, tone, and effectiveness of a message. It conveys .
Which of these give receivers more information and keep them interested? Check all that apply.
Plain language
Strong verbs
Concrete nouns
*** video 5***
Team-written documents result in which of these outcomes? Check all that apply.
An eagerness for implementation
The building of functional barriers
Lack of consensus
A better product
Socialization of team members
During which phase of team writing do members work together to synthesize drafts and offer suggestions for revision?
Phase 2
Phase 1
Phase 3
The free online collaboration tool specifically used for brainstorming is

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