Upon the drafting of the Constitution, did the United States become a polyarchy?

Prompt: Dahl (2000) presents several key aspects of modern democracies that, in his mind,make them sufficiently inclusive to be labeled as

polyarchies. Upon the drafting of theConstitution, did the United States become a polyarchy?

Why did the “FoundingFathers” fail, or succeed, in meeting Dahl’s criteria? Instructions: Reflective writing assignments are expected to be 3-4 pages in length. The purpose ofthe assignment is to

prepare students for midterm exams, by considering concepts thatwe have discussed in the course. Once a concept has been introduced, defined,

anddiscussed, the concept should next be applied to a critical question pertaining togovernment in the United States. Grading will be performed on the basis of criteria inthe Rubric Guidelines: • Online submissions ONLY! Use the Blackboard submission tab. • Consult the writing guide on

the Blackboard site for help with the formattingguidelines. • The core reading for this assignment is Dahl (2000). • There is no need to provide parenthetical citations in this writing exercise, unlessreferencing material from outside of the assigned course reading