Week 1 Assignment 1: Design an Observational Study

This assignment builds on Week 1 Discussion 2: Research problems, objectives, and questions.

Many middle schools have difficulty managing students during lunch breaks. School officials are not sure what is going on. They want to learn what is occurring during lunch breaks and whether there are any relationships between what occurs during lunch breaks and students’ mental, physical, or nutritional health.

You are one of several researchers contacted by the school system and asked to help investigate this issue. Your task is to propose a study that seeks to provide information that will contribute to understanding the problem and eventually to developing interventions.

Since not much is known about this topic, you could choose to propose an exploratory, relational, or explanatory study. No matter what type of study you propose, you must think very carefully about the problem, objective(s), and question. Use Chapter 2 in the textbook as a guide. Ideally, use the problem and question you developed in the Discussion.

Develop an observational study proposal to address your research question and objectives about teenagers aged 13–14 and their lunch break at school. Your proposal will address the considerations in the design process discussed in Chapter 2.

Your proposal should include, but not be limited to, the following elements. Your submission should be in essay or proposal format and not in bullet points.

Description and explanation of the research problem
The research objective(s)
Your research question and hypothesis
Describe the type of study design you will conduct.
Explain the units of observation and units of analysis.
Determine sample size and recruitment procedure (if any).
Describe the mechanics of how data will be collected.
Describe who else will be involved in conducting the study and their roles.
Discuss the ethical considerations for this study and informed consent procedure, if applicable.
Provide one example table shell or chart to display the results of the analysis.
Discuss how the research will contribute to the field, possible public health application, and what the next steps in researching this issue should be.