What are the major concepts in the study and how do the researchers conceptualize them?

Part 3: Two article summaries Assignment Goals: Analyze empirical research publications for their key methodological components and results; Create citations using the American Psychological Association (APA) formatting/style guide. you should be looking for research related to whether the DP deters crimes, statistics related to difference in murder rates in states that have the DP and those who don’t, etc. Due and

submission: Wednesday, May 4 Print copies of article summaries and articles submitted in class (see below for details) Upload answers to answers to article questions to Canvas to run through SimCheck/TurnItIn (see below for details) Assessment: Rubric forthcoming Assignment Background This assignment is Part 3 of the Research Application Report, in which you are building a report in response to the following

scenario: Your local community has been concerned about your problem of interest recently and is deciding whether it is important enough to address and if so, how to address. Because you are considered an expert in this area, they have asked you write a report that argues for why they should address the issue, summarizes existing research, and make recommendations for how they should proceed based on that research.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to find, analyze, summarize research, and consider its contribution toward recommendations toward addressing the problem you are studying. You will thoroughly read and summarize key points from two empirical articles from your reference list – one (1) that is quantitative and one (1) and that qualitative. For each article, you will: You will create a citation for each article, using the guidelines set out by the American Psychological Association (APA), 7th This citation will be at the top of the page on which you respond to the analysis questions. Respond to the following questions: Summarize the problem with which the researcher is concerned and their argument for why it is important to conduct research to understand it (3-5-sentences) What is the research question(s) the researchers are exploring? What does the literature review indicate is already known and not known about the problem and/or research question? How do the

researchers use the insight from the literature review in their own study? Pull out those themes that are most relevant for your particular problem under study. For quantitative articles only: What are the major concepts in the study and how do the researchers conceptualize them? How do the researchers operationalize those concepts? For qualitative articles only: What are the major concepts in the study and how do the researchers conceptualize them? What questions do the researcher pose to participants/phenomena to understand it? What are the key findings of the study? What are limitations of the study? What do you learn from this study that could inform recommendations you make to address the

problem? There are no requirements in terms of how to write your responses to these questions. The only expectation is that your responses are understandable and clearly demonstrate your understanding of the question and ability to answer it. All responses must be in your own words! Direct or near direct quotes will not be accepted as responses.