What are the risk factors?

Due dates will be whenever the student would like to submit the paper, but all papers must be turned in by the deadline on the syllabus on the schedule on the last page. Students can pick their own topic from the list given on the link. Each student will create a final paper information

based on a health topic assigned in class. The grading rubric for the paper is posted to D21. The final paper format should include the following: What is your topic? List your topic in the opening paragraph. The rest of the opening paragraph or second paragraph should address what the topic is from informational view. What are the causes? Do we know the causes? 3. Signs and symptoms associated with the topic. Who is at

risk? What are the risk factors? Are there any complications? If so, what are they? 6. Is there treatment available? If so, what is it? 7. Is there anything that can be

done to prevent it? If so, what? 8. Cite your sources using APA or MLA format. This is a work cited page NOT a bibliography. Cite in full. If you have questions, please utilize campus resources such as the library for help. Each student is expected to be familiar enough with the topic to

answer questions that may be asked at the end by the instructor. Paper should be 4 pages in length, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font.