What behavior is she exhibiting?

1. Chapter 1 covered psychological research and the different methods one can use. Please explain the following and give me an example of each: case study, survey and naturalistic observation.
2. Chapter 4- Why do we need sleep? How does it impact learning and memory?
3. Chapter 5- Explain how Pavlov discovered classical conditioning while working with dogs and measuring salivation responses. Please identify what the neutral stimulus, unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus and conditioned responses were.
4. Explain generalization and discrimination in terms of classical and operant conditioning.
5. Please explain the four basic reinforcement schedules for operant conditioning. In addition, please give me an example and tell me what type of responding occurs with each, as well as which is harder to extinguish.
6. Observational learning is another form of learning that was studied by Bandura. Please watch the video below an tell me what you learned about how violence can be learned in children.
Play Video
7. We tend to measure memory by recognition, recall and relearning. Please tell me what these are and give an example of each.
8. What is a flashbulb memory? How accurate is it? Please give me an example.
9. Sue is studying for her test in the same room that she is going to take it. She thinks this will give her a better chance of remembering what she learned. Similarly, she makes sure she is drinking coffee during the test as she was drinking coffee when she studied. What behavior is she exhibiting? Can memory be context and state dependent?
10. In your own words, tell me one thing you have learned this semester. Has your understanding of what psychology is changed since the start of the class?
Writing Requirements
APA format, 3-4 pages in length (excluding cover page and reference list)
Minimum of 2-3 peer reviewed resources
Use Smarthinking.com tutoring service; submit tutors comments with the final draft.