What classroom management techniques were visible during your observation?

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The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn current pedagogical techniques from current classroom teachers.
What classroom management techniques were visible during your observation? Look at topics such as discipline, using the restroom, sharpening pencils, turning in papers, welcome/goodbyes, and other classroom transitions.
Does the teacher have guidance strategies that are used, such as a sticker chart, a colored card system, or a traffic light system? How does that system work? Is it effective? Is it only used to track inappropriate behavior or does the system catch the children being good and reward them?
Explain how the outdoor environment is an extension of their indoor classroom.
Did you observe a balance of quiet and active choices, whether there is adequate time for student exploration, and whether transitions are handled effectively (e.g., moving from one activity to another, such as going from circle to workstations)?
Did you notice the general level of contentment of the students? Cite examples from your visit that lead you to believe that that the children are enjoying the learning environment
Describe examples of opportunities the children have to make friends and to positively interact with peers in the learning environment (indoors or outdoors).
Does the curriculum seem to be at an appropriate level for the understanding of the students (neither too easy nor too difficult)? Cite examples from your visit to justify your judgment.

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