What could have been done differently to prevent these crimes?

Topic: Pick a city within the United States. Research this city and their Uniform Crime Report (UCR). Spell out the population and discuss the top

3 major crimes within your chosen city from 2018-2019. Discuss how these crimes made the top 3. Did the crime rate change from 2018 to

2019? Did the same problems arise between the years or did new crimes become more prevalent? Examine why those crime rates went up if this was the case. What could have been done differently to prevent these crimes? What types of treatment or punishment for juvenile offenders can be

implemented within your city for the specific crimes identified in your paper? Utilize the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) as a base. You may use other official sources from your city that will support your paper (i.e. local police department crime reports or other official government agencies).

Guidelines: 8 pages in FULL APA FORMAT (strictly adhered) – you will not be penalized if paper is longer Name and picture of your city must be placed on cover sheet Minimum of 4 credible sources. (All major metropolitan newspapers will be considered credible sources) Include graphs Provide history about the city itself Power Point Presentation Summary of your paper Minimum of 8 slides