What did the polls show?

For the final paper of the course you will need to study an actual campaign, past or present. I am encouraging you as part of your Political Communication Journal to collect artifacts relevant to your chosen campaign. The campaign can be either an issue-related campaign or focused around a candidate. It can be local, regional, state or national in scope. For instance, you can study the ERA campaign as an issue, or look into Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. The choices on this are endless. An effective campaign study should consist of the following: Campaign Definition and Scope – In this section, you should discuss the issue or candidate under analysis. What office? What issue? What potential outcome was the campaign geared towards? Context and History – In this section, you should discuss the pre-campaign situational analysis – what was the status quo? You should provide information on the history of the issue or the candidate and help the reader understand the barriers and challenges to the campaign. Who were the players and constituencies? Who were the competitors? Artifact Analysis – In this section, you should present the actual communications of the campaign, hopefully coming from your Political Communication Journal. The Key Concepts should help you in describing these artifacts, as well as the materials from the Trent text. What were the posters, slogans, releases, speeches and other communications from the campaign? Effectiveness – In this section, you should discuss the effectiveness of these artifacts and the outcome (if known) of the campaign. What did the polls show? Did they win? Can you tie specific artifacts and messages to the success or failure? Conclusions – In this section, you should summarize and complete your arguments about the campaign and also what we can learn going forward from your analysis. I am expecting a senior level analysis on this, and I am expecting it to be 6-8 pages, doublespaced, in either MLA or APA format. You should have a works cited list, clear use of parenthetical citation and demonstrate college-level syntax and grammar. You will be submitting this through SafeAssign. The campaign study will be due Sunday, October 9. 2022 by 11:59 p.m. CT. Building off of an already written 3 page paper. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now