What differentiates topline vs leading KPIs?

your presentation, please outline the following : 1. Provide an overview of the KPIs and supporting performance metrics that paint a full picture of the health of our outsourced servicing network. ○ What differentiates topline vs leading KPIs? 2. Create a weekly business review (WBR)

framework that enables us to holistically understand the vendor networks’ performance against key servicing performance measures. ○ What

should we measure at the network level vs vendor partner level? Why? 3. Build out a roles & responsibilities framework across key areas of vendor

management that outline different responsibility/accountability lines across Vendor Management, Vendor Partners, Workforce Management,

Training & Quality, and other key departments that would need to be leveraged if/when servicing metrics are missed in order to identify root cause and enable the creation of remediation plans that address the shortfalls