What do the results of the empirical work reveal?

Due Date: May 11, 11.55pm Word Limit: 1200 words The aim of Assignment 2 is to encourage or reinforce the art/skill of writing a review of an

academic article. The article to review is referenced here and available through the link below: Feldman, M and D. Audretsch (1999) Innovation in cities: Science-based diversity, specialization and localized competition. European Economic Review 43: 409-429. Feldman&Audretsch_1999-1.pdf Download Feldman&Audretsch_1999-1.pdf Academic journal articles are the primary way in which new and old ideas are circulated,

combined, criticized and recirculated within most universities. For students taking classes, the ideas expressed in journal articles and books are often distilled in the form of lectures. The efficient reading and summary of journal articles is a valuable skill that will increase your own productivity and development of ideas. The most important thing you can do at UCLA is to read a lot and think about the ideas that you are

exposed to. Assignment Question In not more than 1200 words, provide a review of the Feldman and Audretsch (1999) journal article. What to focus on in your review: What is the main purpose of the article, what is the key research question or questions? What are the main arguments that are reviewed and developed? What data are used for the empirical analysis and how well are they linked to the theoretical-conceptual

arguments made? What do the results of the empirical work reveal? What are the conclusions and do you think they are well supported by the theoretical claims and the empirical work?