What do you hope these messages accomplish?

In this assignment, you will put together a creative piece that expresses your ideas about a theme related to the course material. You will also prepare an explanatory essay (4 page minimum) that draws upon course concepts and external research to situate your piece. Step 1. Select a

course theme you would like to explore Select a theme or topic from any unit. The theme can be relatively broad (capitalism) or narrower (the prison industrial complex). Eventually, you will need to incorporate several concepts and readings from the course, so it may be helpful to

identify some relevant readings when deciding on a theme. Step 2. Conduct external research Find 2-3 new primary and/or secondary sources that are related to your theme, but that extend beyond what we have covered in class. At least one of these sources should be a peer-reviewed academic article. Other sources can be more wide-ranging (e.g. works of art, documentaries, newspaper or magazine articles, fiction, trade publications, original interviews, etc.) Step 3. Put together a creative piece that expresses your ideas about the theme you’ve selected Write a

play, poem, or short story; put together a photo series; make a sculpture or painting; draw a comic strip, etc. There are no limitations on the form your piece can take, and creativity is highly encouraged. The piece should be original and prepared specifically for this class. It should offer a creative expression of your ideas on the theme. Step 4. Prepare an explanatory write-up In addition to your piece, prepare a 2,000-3,000 word

essay that situates your work in the course material and external sources. Begin with an overview of your piece: What messages is your piece communicating? What do you hope these messages accomplish? Then situate your piece: How are these messages related to the materials we

have reviewed in class, and the external sources you’ve consulted? In addition to your 2-3 external sources, incorporate key ideas from 3-4 course sources into your discussion. Your bibliography should include between 5-7 total sources. How does your piece comment on, extend,

challenge, etc. existing work? If you worked in a group, how did your group manage workload and collaboration, and what did you learn from this experience? Submit a scan, photos, or video of your piece, in addition to your write-up, on canvas by the project due date