What do you need to know further about the organization?

For this assignment, please read the following case (note: the actual case begins on page three (3) of the document):: https://sk-sagepub-

com.ezproxy.libproxy.db.erau.edu/cases/download/employment-environment-interests-northern-pulp-multiple-stakeholders?format=case Read the case thoroughly and note the following: Key concerns Environment Facts What do you need to know further about the organization? Analyze the

case and answer the following: What are the main issues? Why do these issues exist? How are these issues impacting the organization? When did the issues begin/arise? Who is responsible? Critique alternative solutions. Reach into your course learnings to answer the following: What

frameworks can be applied? What options exist for solutions? (Use the 6 ethical lenses for decision making) Have you personally experienced any of these? If so, what processes did you use to solve the issues? Are there real-world examples of companies that went through a similar

situation? Make a judgment on the best solution. Consider the alternatives you researched. Identify which solution is the most effective, efficient (think costs, impacts, and value), and realistic.