what do you now understand an annotated bibliography to be?

Main Post Paragraph 1: Share Your Thoughts on Annotated Bibliographies Please take the time to reflect and to honestly respond to all of the following (in a single, well-developed paragraph): When you started this class, did you fully understand the definition of an “annotated

bibliography”? Based on your textbook and lesson readings for this week, what do you now understand an annotated bibliography to be? Have you

been guilty of “cherry picking” from the sources you write about? Explain. In what ways do you anticipate your annotated bibliography being helpful to you in writing a strong, compelling argument research essay? Also, after reviewing the lesson and the textbook, what remaining

questions do you have about the annotated bibliography in general and/or about our assignment this week? Main Post Paragraph 2: Perform an Initial Source

Evaluation Part of this week’s assignment will ask you to richly evaluate your potential sources for your argument research essay. This post will get you started by allowing you to practice with one of those sources. In a single, rich paragraph: Introduce the source by author, title, and year,

and summarize it briefly. Explain why you chose this source over others. Briefly run through all five elements of the CRAAP test. How thoroughly have you read this source and how many times? How have you benefited from more thorough readings of the source?