What is Asimov’s thesis and how does he support it?

I have attached below an essay, called “The Roving Mind (1986)” by Isaac Asimov. If You could please read the essay and then review the elements of the essay analysis (I will attach a document called how to analyze an essay, which contains info about the elements, i dont need

those questions in the doc answered). After looking at those elements, answer the following 6 questions in thorough detail, please. Every answer should be in a point-proof-explanation format (please do not stray from this format, it is very important!), including specific references to the readings, and the answers to be written thoroughly and in MLA format, and so that the words flow nicely and it all has a nice sound to it! *I have already started the work, and have attached the document for what I have written, if you could please keep those answers and add onto it a lot

and make it better by doing the point-proof-explain format and using specific references for each question Questions 1. What is Asimov’s thesis and how does he support it? 2. Outline the facts that Asimov presents about the planet, stars, galaxy, and universe that support his thesis. 3.

What is the purpose of Asimov’s rhetorical questions? 4a. In point form, outline the development of Asimov’s argument For example: Paragraph 1 – Walt Whitman’s Poem Paragraph 2 – Points out that many people would agree with Whitman You can group paragraphs together if they develop the same part of the argument 4b. How does Asimov build unity and coherence? (those two words specifically) 5a. Find one example of logos, pathos, and ethos in the essay and explain how Asimov uses each one as support for his thesis. For each example, why do you think he

used the mode of persuasion where he did? Be specific 5b. In thinking about the decisions writers make, what might be some pros and cons of using more than one mode of persuasion in a piece of writing? 6. Did you find Asimovs essay persuasive? Why or why not? Be specific!