What is body shaming?

Hello, My English Class is coming to an end and we are getting ready to write our final paper.

During the course, we were suggested to stick with one topic to write about for the whole semester. I have chosen to go with body shaming as my topic. Our first paper was a definition paper

What is body shaming?

Our second paper was what are the causes of your topic-

What is the cause of body shaming, and finally, our 3rd paper consists of us putting all papers together to create one big research paper.



Great! It sounds like you have a solid foundation for your final research paper on body shaming. For your final paper, you can build upon your previous papers by incorporating the following elements:

  1. Literature review: Conduct a thorough review of existing literature on body shaming. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic and identify any gaps in the current research.

  2. Analysis of the causes and effects of body shaming: In your second paper, you explored the causes of body shaming. In your final paper, you can build upon this by analyzing the effects of body shaming on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

  3. Case studies and personal anecdotes: Including real-life examples and personal stories can help bring your research to life and make it more relatable to your readers.

  4. Recommendations for addressing body shaming: Based on your research, develop practical recommendations for addressing body shaming at both the individual and societal levels.