What is Diamond’s point about domesticated animals?

The paper is for the class Cultural Geography, Here are the intrusctions from my professor as well as thinking questions for the book. Book paper explanation – Each student should do a 4-6 page paper based on a book chosen from the list below. You should clearly identify the thesis

of the author in your paper, if the book has a thesis. I will provide each student with specific questions for your own book that you should focus on and address in your paper. Grades for this assignment will be based on how thoroughly the student addressed the questions provided and

analyzed the thesis of their book. Students may also write some review/opinion of the book if desired as long as the other criteria have been met. Book question: What central question does Diamond want to address in this book? What explanation for the question does he clearly

reject? Diamond sees hunter-gatherers as more peaceful than farmers – does the historical record support him? Is Diamond’s thesis sufficient to explain why the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and not the other way around? Does any of his evidence undermine his thesis? Explain why the

Fertile Crescent is important to Diamond’s argument. What is Diamond’s point about domesticated animals? How does the position of the earth’s landmasses connect with Diamond’s argument? How is Diamond’s view of religion different from Christopher Dawson’s (who saw religion as the key and dynamic element of culture)?