What is good about it; what is controversial about it?

For this assignment, we will be integrating information from text chapters with a response essay (approximately 2 double-spaced pages). You should respond to the questions provided (below), integrating chapter information, an interview of one or more current educators as well as one

other professional (further explained below); and at least one educational journal or periodical. Be succinct, but use your information. If you have any questions, please email me. NOTE: This assignment requires you to interview at least one current educator and one other professional

regarding their opinion on tenure. What do they think of it? I’m sure any current educator (and you can interview more than one if you have access)

will have strong opinions on it. Also interview a professional in any other field, asking them what they think of a tenure program. Integrate these into your paper, as well as Chapter Info. and your article. It takes some dovetailing of information, but you can do it! Make sure to consider: Why

did/do teachers need tenure? What was the idea behind it? What is good about it; what is controversial about it? How has it changed, and what does it entail (to get it) in New Jersey? Consider too: what does the person you interview think about tenure?