What is his/her basis or source of information?

The reaction report It should be your opinion regarding the points that the writer has made in the assigned article. A minimum amount of

summarizing or repeating of the thoughts of the writer is expected. Your task is to identify the conclusions that the writer is reaching, then respond

in your own words to his or her perspective. A requirement for each reaction paper is that it includes an application of information found outside of the article. This information can come from a source such as the text, another article, your personal experience or an observation. The following

questions may help you compose the paper. What is the main point or points made by the author? What is his/her basis or source of information? Is it credible, logical? What would be the opposing position to the information presented? What other information needs to be gathered? What other information or issues relate to this discussion? What issues do you have with the content? Variation over facts and data Different view of the

viability of the process or methods Conflict over the purpose or priorities That there are other values, morals, principles that are relevant