What is it? What is its relationship to capitalism?

Write in your own words. Think out what you write from your own brain. Use only assigned class materials and in-class discussions. Do not go to

the internets or the Wikipedias or the dictionary dot coms. Quote from the readings sparingly–only to exemplify, never to define. The quality of your writing and the clarity of your organization and analysis count. Every aspect of the climate crisis we have discussed in this class can be traced back

to capitalism and neoliberalism in some way. Go back to Wallerstein and lay out how capitalism functions, how the gears turn inside the machinery of capitalism. Also explain and characterize neoliberalism. What is it? What is its relationship to capitalism? Use these and related concepts from

class to build an argument that brings together 1) a discussion of the fossil fuel industry and its multiple, central roles in causing the climate crisis, 2) a discussion of the journalism industry and the causes and consequences of fake news, and 3) the massive collective action problem

that keeps society from seriously addressing climate change. Conclude with some ideas for how best to overcome these barriers and ameliorate the climate crisis once and for all.