What is life? What is living or not?

Discussion Module 1: Discussion – Life Forum Answer the following questions:

What is life? What is living or not?

When does life begin? When does it end? Daniella Colas Charles –

When answering the questions above, make sure to: Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 300 words.

Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities. Address all questions.

Use proper grammar and punctuation. If you researched your topic and are using information from what you learned, remember to cite your sources. Do not plagiarize

. You will not be able to edit your assignment once you post, so please proofread and spell check before hitting post! As part of the assignment, you must also reply to ONE of your classmates with at least 150 words.

You will have to POST FIRST to see your classmates’ postings. Make sure your replies are thoughtful and relevant to what your classmate has posted. Try to build the discussion and keep it going.