What is ozone? Where is ozone in the atmosphere?

What is ozone?
Where is ozone in the atmosphere?
Where is it “good” and “bad” for us and why?
How is it formed and depleted, naturally and anthropogenically?
How does it protect us from harmful radiation?
What types of chemicals cause ozone depletion, what are they used for, and why are/were they used?
Identify one or more products that you use in your everyday life which may contribute to ozone depletion.
What is being/has been done to reduce depletion of the ozone layer?
Discuss ways in which you can help to reduce the depletion of the ozone layer.
Speaking of questions, there is an informal (and immature) writing style that many students tend to adopt wherein they write something like: “Have you ever wondered what ozone is? Well, let me tell you. Ozone is the name of the molecule O3…..Now that you’ve learned about [topic], let’s talk about [next topic].” While I welcome and praise creativity in your writing, that is not college-level writing.