What is the argument for Panpsychist? • Is Panpsychist a plausible theory?

There are three questions which the writer need to answer each question answer should be a 900-word count. (Q1) Russellian Monism (Week 11) • What is the distinction between Panpsychism and Panprotopsychism? •

What is the argument for Panpsychism? • Is Panpsychism a plausible theory?

What are the arguments against it?

Is Panpsychism better than physicalism? (Q2) Nagel’s Bat (Week 7) • What is the notion of consciousness that Nagel uses?

• Why does Nagel think consciousness presents a problem for physicalism? •

Does consciousness present a problem for physicalism?

(Q3) The Knowledge Argument / The Phenomenal Concept Strategy (Weeks 8 and 10) •

What is the knowledge argument against physicalism? What are the premises and what is the conclusion?

• What is the ability hypothesis?

• Is the ability hypothesis a successful defence of physicalism from the knowledge argument? •

What is the phenomenal concept strategy in responluvse to the knowledge argument?