What is the cause of action (type of tort)?

Locate one or more news articles about a particular claim of malpractice in the healthcare field. You will use your research to write a paper of

between 500 and 900 words (approximately 2 to 3 pages). Begin your paper with a brief summative review of tort law, indicating its purpose,

theories, and common causes of action. Then discuss the case featured in your source(s), showing how it fits into the general category of tort law. Include the following: Provide a short summary of the facts. What is the cause of action (type of tort)? What elements need to be proved? How do

the facts related in the article demonstrate or fail to demonstrate that these elements are met? Would the article need to include more facts for you

to render a verdict? Explain. Your assignment should be well organized and well written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Material taken from other sources should be properly documented in APA format.