What is the demographic makeup of the city?

Historical information When was the city founded? If applicable, which peoples lived in the area before European settlers? If possible, include

information relating to why it was founded (e.g. gold rush or access to rivers, etc) Does the city have a charter? What does the state constitution or charter say about the city? Political information What is the governing body? Is there a mayor who works with a city council? Are there city

commissioners? Are they separate entities? Which party has primary control over the city? Are there important boards (e.g. school board, urban

development, etc) that make decisions for the city? When are local elections held? Social information What is the demographic makeup of the city?

Include population count, partisanship, race/ethnicity, age, etc. If you can find it, what is the average income? What is the average

rent/mortgage? Are there universities or colleges in the area? What problems already pop up from your research (e.g. gun violence, pollution, climate change issues, homelessness)