What is your writing strategy?

1. Why is plagiarism a severe academic offense? Why might someone plagiarize? Can you plagiarize yourself? What might be the personal,

academic, and legal consequences of plagiarism? How can you prevent plagiarism? 2. What is the easiest and the hardest part of writing (i.e., figuring out how to start, gathering ideas, applying correct grammar, meeting the word count requirement, citing sources, etc.)? How do you

tackle your writing assignments? What is your writing strategy? How do you overcome writer’s block? Why are correct grammar and correct punctuation essential in writing? How are grammar and punctuation useful in the “real world” (outside school)? Provide an example. 3. Why do

you think Cherokee Paul McDonald called his essay “A View from the Bridge”? How does his view change throughout the course of the story? What do you think is the underlying point of this essay? 4. Is there any significance of Lorde’s narrative taking place during the Independence

Day holiday? Why or Why not? Ehrenreich uses comparisons in several places. How does this practice help to move the narrative along? 5. You have read about the effects of binge-watching. What are some things that may cause a person to binge-watch a tv series or multiple shows at one time? Were there weaknesses in Clay’s presentation? If so, what type of revision would you suggest? Does Shaw’s essay contain a clear cause/effect strategy? If yes, list the causes and then the effects in order of their appearance. If you feel the organization does not clearly

convey a cause/effect strategy, what would you change to make it clearer? Be specific. From the assigned cause/effect readings, choose the one you believe to be the WEAKEST in its support of the main topic. Why is it the weakest? What would you do to improve the piece of reading? Be specific with details, placement of those details, additional points you would make, points you would remove, etc. 6. Does Sherry make a good argument? Why? How could Sherry improve her argument? Explain