What kinds of businesses are accepting Bitcoin?

 https://www.thirteen.org/finance/games/itcostswhat.html What are credit cards? Why do people use them? What is interest? How does interest affect credit card purchases? What are the benefits of using a credit card? What are the drawbacks of using a credit card? In the case files

section, four people pay a different price for the same digital music player? Why do the prices they paid differ? Explain the factors that affected each persons ultimate cost for the music play. Which of the individuals made the best use of their credit card? Which made the worst? Why?

What should you look for when choosing a credit card? What is a grace period? How can it help you manage a credit card wisely? What are three strategies that you can use to use credit cards wisely? What is the traditional method of assessing trust to pay a loan? What is the problem with this method? How does Siroya use mobile data to create a financial identity? What were Jeniphers options for getting a loan? What is one

data point that shows a good propensity to pay a loan back? How has Jeniphers life improved as a result of the loan using Siroyas technology? What is Bitcoin and where did it come from? What kinds of businesses are accepting Bitcoin? What is the definition of money, according to Kemp? What are some other forms of currency in existence now? Can you think of other examples of currency?   What does Gerzema argue

that consumers are doing? What happened to savings in the United States? How did consumers contribute to this change? What does Gerzema argue that the consumer needs to do to lead the economy in a positive direction? What are some of the changes that consumers are making? How are companies responding to these changes?