What methodology are you planning on using?

 Journal Reflection on Topic Ideas  Share your topic idea(s) here. Here are some things to consider: Identify a topic in your specialization. (For IT

students, Information Technology is not a topic, however, Millennial’s perceptions of smart phone technology could be a topic. These are

examples).   What is the cited problem? The problem you want to address has to come from the literature, and be cited, who are saying there are problems. What is the population you would like to address? What methodology are you planning on using? (If you are unsure, do you plan on a

quantitative or qualitative study?  You will determine your methodology in 839). Locate at least one article related to your topic.

What was the research question in the study? Who were the participants in the study?

What findings were reported? 500 words APA format  needed