What role might Ritzer’s concept of McDonaldization play a part in this?

McDonaldization of Society Sociologist George Ritzer coined the term McDonaldization of Society to describe how early assembly lines

designed by Henry Ford seeped into all other aspects of life from the food we eat (fast food/commercial food) to the way be now structure our lives (i.e. we want it now). Many sociologists, including Ritzer, argue that McDonaldization also plays a part in global stratification. In other words, the industrialized attitudes of predictability, efficiency, and consistency often are counter to cultural norms in non-industrialized

countries,making it harder for them to meet standards of industry needed to achieve vertical social mobility. In an increasingly globalized world, such values clashes can result in further increasing divisions between the haves and the have nots. 1. Read the following information on

McDonaldization: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/alamo-sociology/chapter/reading-the-mcdonaldization-of-society/and then respond to the two below questions. 2. The text argues that multinational corporations maintain global stratification systems by neocolonialism. What role might

Ritzer’s concept of McDonaldization play a part in this? 3. How might structural functionalists, symbolic interactionists, and conflict theorists view McDonaldization? Be specific and give examples. 4. You can also watch this video to address McDonaldization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCj_VhLgcmY Make sure to cite all sources including the textbook. Use of outside sources is encouraged.