what steps for her term “COVID Crush”?

This assignment aims to demonstrate the application of a nursing theory/model to practice. Review the clinical case and apply your chosen theory to the case, including the nursing process. The final paper is to be typed according to APA format and no more than 5 pages in length.

The paper should include a title page and reference list; however, these pages are not to be included in the final count. I have attached the Rubric as files. Case Study, Chapter 3, Concept Development: Clarifying the Meaning of Terms (to review ch 3, I attached the book to the order)

Tamika Brown has been an ICU nurse at a university hospital for almost six years. Tamika loves her job and began serving as a preceptor and mentor to nurses who were new in the unit. Following encouragement from many of the nurses she has worked with, in late 2019, she started a graduate program with the intent to become a nursing educator. But then the COVID 19 pandemic hit her community. After working with her

colleagues through several pandemic peaks, Tamika observed a disturbing phenomenon among the hospital staff. In many instances, they had become frustrated with some of the patients—particularly those who had chosen not to be immunized. Indeed, although they all remained professional to the patients, she witnessed short tempers and even occasional outbursts of anger. Also, while evidence of empathy and shared sorrow was still common among the nurses working with critically ill COVID patients, it seemed to Tamika that those responses had dwindled

over the many months of the pandemic. Their attitudes and demeanors were different and more pronounced than “burnout” or “compassion fatigue,” and she heard one of her colleagues use the term “COVID Crush” to explain her lack of emotion. That colleague observed that she had trouble “feeling” anymore and commented on her dulled responses and increasing loss of ability to give the same level of support as in the past.

In her theory course, Tamika has been tasked with describing a phenomenon that she has encountered in her work. Using one of the methods of concept development presented in Chapter 3, what steps should Tamika take to best define and describe “COVID Crush”? Using Walker and

Avant’s method of concept analysis, Tamika should complete what steps for her term “COVID Crush”? Using the process of “concept clarification ” proposed by Meleis, how should Tamika proceed to examine COVID Crush? Using Rodgers’s process of concept analysis, what steps would Tamika take to collect and analyze data regarding COVID Crush?